Thursday, November 18, 2010

Salmon Rush-Hour

vancouver office space P1010670 150x150 Salmon rush hour

When a salmon jumped, I unconsciously said “Go!”

Yesterday, I went to Capilano River hatchery. The facility is operated by the Department of Fisheries and Oceans to protect important and rare fish species.

After seeing the salmon exhibition and reading about the facility, I went to see the fish ladder. Amazingly, salmons jumped up the ladders against the rapid stream. The ladders were almost the same length as their body! If I were a salmon, I would need to jump about 160cm (my height). And even though they were able to get over, the next step was packed with other salmon – it was like a crowded Skytrain at rush-hour. So, lots of salmon slipped down to the previous step due to the rapid stream. The numbers of salmon going down were much more than ones going up. After all that jumping and dropping, they had injuries; I could see it in the meat. I thought to myself, if I were a salmon, “After the first jump, don’t swim to the surface. There is no space. At first, I need to take a rest and try the next ladder after recovering!”

I love salmon and ikura so much! However, today I witnessed a page of their life. So I won’t eat them…maybe for one week.

 vancouver office space P1010677 150x150 Salmon rush hour

Capilano River Hatchery

Best Times

Chinook AdultsOctober – November
Coho AdultsJune – November
Steelhead Adults March – April
Coho JuvenilesAll Year
Chinook JuvenilesMarch – May


There is no charge!

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