Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Collaborative Act Of Urban Transformation

On Sundays, there is a good chance you can find me wandering around on 

 half asleep, looking for a sunny spot to have my coffee and enjoy my book. Today was a bit different, my jaw nearly dropped and my eyes were wide opened when I saw a tree growing out of a trunk. After checking in with myself to confirm that I was indeed awake, I circled the car and checked out the plants.

vancouver office space IMG01092 20100905 16251 Collaborative act of urban transformation

vancouver office space IMG01093 20100905 16251 Collaborative act of urban transformation

I found out that these cars are donated by Drake Towing with the engines removed and in its place were planted fruit trees – it is all part of Stick Shift. Stick shift is “a collaborative act of urban transformation” to create support for urban orchards.

There are a few community gardens in Vancouver (with more in the works) such as the Kitsilano Community garden on West 6th Avenue & Maple, China Creek South community garden on East 10th Avenue & Clark Drive, McSpadden community garden on East 5th & Victoria Drive (my neighborhood garden) and many more. You can see the entire list community gardens on 

Stick shift is a wonderful project that is reinforcing the existing movement to revive and maintain open spaces but also to connect and bring people together to work towards an ecologically sustainable neighbourhood.

Make sure you check out their site at

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