Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Hungry Girl's Guide: The Narrow Lounge

Paul (@fire) in our office is a cool kat, he is always trying to hipsterize me by introducing me to places that are usually unknown to a lot of people unless you are in the “know.” After a fantastic night at Red Galleria for South East Asian Heritage Society fundraiser, Paul (@fire) insisted that I have to try out this place that is uber chic and hip. I wasn’t too convinced but Jay (@jaycatalan) insisted too and well it was 2-against-1 so I didn’t want to be a party-pooper so I obliged.

It was so ULTRA HIP, even if you gave me an address I still wouldn’t be able to find it. It is at the corner of Main & 3rd Avenue but seriously unless you’ve been here or you enlisted the help of Google Map, it is super easy to miss. There is no sign or no distinct mark of where it is. The entrance is on the side of a store, walking in I felt like I was going somewhere illegal or I shouldn’t really be here. The Narrow is aptly name, it is very narrow. It has all the hipster elements: 1) Mounted deer head wearing a hat. Check. 2) Mounted wolverine head wearing sunglasses. Check. 3) Random vintage prints that totally don’t go together. Check. 4) Dark and moody. Check. 5) Hipster patrons. Check.

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Narrow Lounge on Main Street

The service is amazing; even with a full house with standing room only, the 3 bartenders/waitresses were amazingly attentive to our needs. The drinks were well priced as our 3 Dr Peppers (1/2 mug beer, 1 0z Amaretto, 1/2 mug of coke) came to just 20 dollars including tips! The food wasn’t amazing as we tried the fish tacos and their warm nuts BUT seriously, this is a chill place and not really a restaurant you come to for dinner. Even they know that, their menu is small and comprise of basic simple pub regulars.

It is a super chilled atmosphere and with their awesome service combined with their well priced drinks, I wouldn’t be surprised if I find myself here more often. That is if I can find it.

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